The Meaning of Life 


A step-by-step guide offering reflection and awareness on the meaning and purpose of life.

We are not human doings, we are huming beings. This guide invites us to be: quiet, peace, full of meaning and purpose.

Cost: $12.00

Solutions: Effective Management of People Problem Issues in School


Solutions is dedicated to addressing the needs of "at risk youth." It focuses on the essential policies and procedures necessary to have a safe and healthy school environment; an environment that is drug free and enables your students to flourish and grow into productive members of their community.

Solutions offers proactive guidelines for addressing the problems of drug and alcohol usage which exists in our schools today. This book will assist you in creating an efficient and effective substance use/abuse policy, provide model policies which are time and court tested. Solutions also offers crisis response guidelines, student "at-risk" assessments and administrative answers to legal concerns, confidentiality and records.

Cost: $20.00

Real Genius at Play: Using Experiential Learning to Build a Classroom Community 


Real Genius at Play includes all the community building and group process, theory, research and rationale for educators to implement over 50 detailed ready-to-use lesson plans.  Each detailed lesson plan includes a description, group size, time frame, objectives, multiple intelligences, directions, interdisciplinary applications and debriefing questions.

Real Genius at Play provides lessons in team building, communication skills, trust, goal setting, problem solving, conflict resolution and a section on evaluation.

Cost $25.00

Spiritual Self Reflections Audio CD


Would you like to relaxed, peaceful and full of energy? This mediation audio CD contains six brief and distinctly different compositions designed for self reflection and relaxation. Topics include letting go, sanctuary, and forgiveness. You will be nurtured and inspired by the words of Thom Stecher and the spiritual music of Gary Vermeire.

Cost: $12.00

Miracles: The Process of Creation & Healing


You'll find inspiration and encouragement in the words of some of the world's most visionary authors and motivators. Miracles gives you words to live by for today and tomorrow.

Thom Stecher has designed this daily affirmation book in a format that provides the reader with a recipe for daily miracles.

Cost: $12.00

Caring for the Caretaker


Over the past 40 years of working with administrators, teachers, human service professional and talking with the caretakers we all encounter in every day life, there has emerged one recurrent question: How do caretakers, educators, and helpers take care of themselves?

To respond to this question, not only for those who have asked, but for the caretaker in each one of us, I am pleased to offer Caring for the Caretaker. This is a personal workbook, to be used by people in all walks of life, that will provide you with structured wellness activities and inspirational stories.

Caring for the Caretaker will challenge you to think in new ways and to rethink the things you take for granted. It will guide you along a path to new awareness. An inspirational book for the caretaker in each one of us.

Cost: $20.00